Sunday, March 15, 2020

The most dangerous types of dogs

The importance of dog training

Almost all dogs may cause harm and danger to human life, especially if you do not receive the adequate and necessary training, but certain breeds are more likely to show serious and fierce reactions and you should know the types of these dogs:

1. Doberman Pinschers

This dog is very strong and smart, it makes the perfect guard dog, it is perfect for a family protection dog and even used in police to track down criminals, however, if it is not raised and tamed in the right way it might suddenly attack an innocent person. Doberman Pinschers are completely capable of killing a human.

2. Strong people

Dogs are very popular because of their eyes, but they are not only the eyes that make them distinct, they are very good at attracting things for a long time, the brown people are used to pull sleds in most of the polar regions in the world without getting tired, the brown people are usually safe if they are tamed Alone, but even when they are completely tamed, they should never get close to their herd as there have been several cases reported as they randomly attacked and killed their owner.

3. Polmastive

You must keep your children away from this dog, in 2014, Bullmastiff jumped over a fence and attacked two teenagers playing in the neighbor's garden, he killed one of the boys and then went to attack its owner.

Bulma Steve is originally a guard dog and is characterized by its huge size and is the breed of dogs that should definitely be treated with respect.

4. The wolf dog

This dog is a hybrid between a German Shepherd and a mountain wolf This mixture makes this type of dog extremely dangerous, can act as perfectly protective dogs, and is banned in countries like Norway.

5. Mediaset Sola Shepherd

A complete mixture of unknown breeds, with only one goal being to create the most dangerous dog breeds ever. This dog would be the ultimate guard dog if not due to its moderation and aggressive behavior, and this breed is banned in many countries.

6. Villa Brasileiro

If you do not like aggressive dogs, do not get one of them, this Brazilian origin dog was used to hunt wild boars and has aggressive and uncontrollable behavior, many deaths have been reported.

7. Rottweiler

If there is one dangerous breed of dog responsible for many deaths it is this breed, reports have been prepared claiming that this dog alone is responsible for nearly half of all dog deaths in the United States of America, a strong bite along with an amazing jump makes them Able to bite humans, be careful with this dog.

8. Peru de Brisa Canario

Made in the Canary Islands, and this was done by mixing several different breeds together to get the perfect fighting dog, there is no clear evidence that this is true, but considering the ability of dogs and the culture of fighting large dogs on the island, this is probably true.

9. Pitbull

This breed is banned from multiple countries and has a reputation for being a dangerous dog. They have a very aggressive behavior and if they weren't in training from the moment they were born, this is the killing machine.

Her fighting ability was used in illegal activity such as dog fighting, as owners were betting on their dogs and often allowed them to fight to the death.

10. Caucasian Shepherd

This dog originally came from Russia and has been used in the mountains for centuries to protect farm animals, but will you be able to protect farms from predators like wolves? The answer is: yes Caucasian herding can weigh more than 100 kg (220 lbs) and this is the weight in the muscles It is also very good in combat and no wonder this breed is very dangerous