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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Looking at dogs' eyes is furious

Looking at dogs' eyes is furious

Are dogs really the best friend of man, as pet lovers have long seen? Or is it an imminent danger? This question is frequently repeated in New Zealand these days after an animal attacked a child in her second year when she was playing in a park, which resulted in severe damage to the degree that she underwent surgery by about 290 stitches in her face · This was the last incident in a series of fierce attacks launched by dogs this year in the country, one of which killed a 56-year-old woman when she was attacked by two dogs while walking near her home. · The assault of the child, Ooty Koxon, completely mutilated her, and a few days later he published an article in the medical newspaper The New Zealand Medical Journal that made it clear David Hillary is a lecturer in Jamam Otago argued that dog attacks pose a `` imminent health risk '' especially to children under five years of age · Hillary added that the size of young children makes attacking them easier, because in most cases their height is the height of the dog itself, and they tend to Look at the dog in his eyes, which is considered a threat by the dog ·

How to train dogs Albitbool

How to train dogs Albitbool

The pit bull breed

Pitbulls are a hybrid breed, due to cross-breeding bulldog dogs with terrier dogs, to increase the ability of Pitbull dogs to fight other dogs and hunt their prey easily, and Pitbull dogs are among the fiercest dogs where they come first in the world, and second place Rottweiler dogs And after him comes in the third-place German Shepherd dogs, and to fight these dogs and fill their body with muscles, you need to practice walking every day for at least half an hour, and pitbull dogs are not suitable because they are raised in homes as a pet, and they must be removed from children unless they are trained properly and accurately, It will clarify the pain He said how to train pitbull dogs.

How to train pitbull dogs

Pitbull dogs have gained a bad reputation due to the spread of many myths about home acquisition and training, but Pitbull dogs can form a loyal companion to their owner, and like any type of dog, Pitbull dogs need to be trained well to maintain their health, and how the Pitbull dogs are trained depends on several methods. Of which:

1- Caring for pitbull dogs

One of the most important steps for how to train pitbull dogs is to give them many exercises; because pitbull dogs become aggressive and more fierce if they have a lot of energy and did not empty them, and one of the exercises that the dog can empty his energy through is walking, so its owner must walk his dog for two hours One of the manifestations of caring for pitbull dogs is to provide a special space for him to sleep and eat his food in comfort and privacy.

2- Refining the pit bulldogs

The method of refining pit bulldogs is one of the longest steps in learning how to train pitbull dogs. It is preferable to teach pit bull dogs from childhood without paying attention to the result, and a positive reinforcement method should be used when training pitbull dogs. For example, if he is told nice words, the owner of the pit bull dogs needs to be firm to be able to tame them and not become fierce and out of control. Aggression increases Of a dog Albitbool.

3- Socializing pitbull dogs

To make Pitbulls less fierce and more friendly, they must be mixed and defined on new dogs and people, and any type of dog prefers to start contact with them from a young age, to obtain clear results, and when describing how to train the pitbull dogs, dogs stress that dogs must be involved and taken out on a group outing It makes them less tolerant and friendly to people especially children when the owner wants to raise a pet, and the dog should participate in several activities and sports to empty his energy and to increase the dog's self-confidence.

The characteristics of the pit bulldogs

The size of the pit bull dogs is relatively average, and the height does not vary according to gender. The height of the male pitbull dog is 46-49 cm, while the female pitbull needs 43-46 cm. Pitbull dogs are breeds that are characterized by great courage, loyalty, and strength, but their loyalty is not absolute; Treated and trained accurately and well, until that Its kindness makes it more difficult to deal with it firmly during training [2].

The danger of pitbull dogs

The pit bull dogs - as mentioned earlier - are among the fiercest breeds of dogs, because when they pounce on their prey, they grab hold of them firmly and insert their teeth into prey body tissues, and do not leave them easily, knowing that the pitbull dogs are characterized by sophisticated facial muscles and very strong jaws, and the strength of their jaw is shown through Its ability to shatter prey bones, and because of these qualities, the pitbull dogs are known for their bad reputation in general, due to their owners who have invested themselves in their dogs by what is called a dog fight, where dog fights consist of bloody fights in which the owner of the winning dog earns some cash, and the brutality of this fighting Some laws were prohibited to prohibit the establishment of it E fights and participation in them. Such fights increase the ferocity of these dogs and do not help to learn how to train pitbull dogs, [1] In addition to the above, the number of pit bull attacks represents a large percentage of the total number of dog attacks on humans, for example in 2014 a dog attacked The Pitbull, which is called Mickey, by attacking the four-year-old while he was playing in front of his home in Phoenix, Arizona, where the child was subjected to a fierce attack, [3] and dog bites lead to inflammation and severe pain, and the life of the person may be at risk of death in the event of rabies 
If he does not get the necessary medical treatment

Benefits of pitbull dogs

Pitbulls are smart and strong dogs, and they are characterized by their high endurance. They are known as dogs that play important roles in human life. They were used by the police as police dogs because of their olfactory strength and muscle strength, and they were also used as rescue dogs for the severity of their intelligence. Willa "saved 32 people and 29 dogs during a major flood in the Southern California area in 1993, and this indicates the success of how to train pitbull dogs, and despite media misinformation that spreads false beliefs about Pitbulls as fierce dogs and only suitable as breeding dogs as fighting dogs It can not be used, The dogs that Albitbool participated in numerous film and television productions, for example, from the television series Little Rascalz There is the role of the "house" puppy dog ​​who played his role Bitbool [1].

The benefits of fierce dog training

The benefits of fierce dog training

Definition of fiery training

Training dogs on the fierceness is not a task that the dog does, but qualifying the dog to become a distinguished guard and protector and developing his combat and offensive skills

What is the purpose of training dogs to fiercely?

The purpose of training ferocity is not to harm or harm, or the goal of the dog owner is to obtain the title that he is the owner of the strongest dog, nor for the battles in which dogs are used to fight, for every dog, ​​there is one who is stronger and fiercer than him, so do not think that your dog is stronger than all dogs and the strength of the dog Not related to a specific species or breed, but it is possible through proper training that you reach the dog to the highest levels of ferocity.

But the goal of ferocious dog training is to develop your dog's skills according to the task you want to do. In the sense that your dog can be eligible for guarding, but not qualified to deal with bullets and weapons and that depends on the task that is required of the dog, dogs are of course guard animals, but training increases the dogs' capabilities in guarding and controlling their actions and directing and controlling them so that we benefit from them As much as possible

Kinds of dogs

  • Coward dog
  • Moderate dog
  • A dog with a strong character and an attacker and his movements are many

Tools used in training

  • Dog trainer
  • The owner of the dog
  • A spacious place without animals or humans
  • A muzzle for the dog
  • Dog collar and chain
  • Dog Training Suit

The most important tips for training your dog on the fierceness

  • You can acquire a dog with a strong personality by respecting his character and desires
  • Do not use the beating, encourage the dog when trying to attack anything but the owner
  • At the age of 6 months, the dog is isolated from humans and avoids mixing with them
  • Some people harassing a dog behind the fence, for example, increases the ferocity of dogs

How to train dogs fiercely

How to train dogs fiercely


Some people like to keep pets and keep them in the home, as some raise cats, dogs, birds, and sometimes poultry if space is available for that. Many enjoy raising special cats and dogs, their ability to respond to them. Dogs have long been faithful animals for their owners, and this has led many to raise them. Many people around the world prefer to breed and care for dogs for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is the protection of private property and amusement. Dogs are a domesticated breed of wolves. Therefore, dogs have a severe predatory tendency. This ferocity in dogs is exploited by some animal breeders to make dogs more fierce and benefit from them in different fields.

Classification of dogs

The dog is a pet from mammals, this animal was often associated with loyalty in many books of literature and special accounts, and man exploited this animal for several purposes. And it is also for the deaf, and it has been used for police purposes as well.

Depending on the purposes of this animal, dogs can be classified according to their uses: there are hunting dogs that some use in forests, shepherds that protect livestock, guard dogs that are designed to protect homes, police dogs that are used in crime investigation committees, and blind and deaf escort dogs, There are also dogs used to pull snowmobiles and sleighs.

How to breed ferocious dogs

When purchasing a new dog, the breeder must master the methods of raising it so that it can control it to achieve the goal that was brought for it. The breeder must acquire the type of dog that is suitable for the work that will be assigned to the dog. Therefore, he must familiarize himself with the characteristics and characteristics of the type of dog before purchasing it and must verify the health of the dog, its character and its breed. With the dog continuing to grow, the focus should be on obedience training, which makes controlling the dog more effective. Obedience training begins at the age of two months or more of the puppy's life, to be eligible to receive and execute orders. Obedience training is the implementation of the instructor's orders as soon as you hear and repeat it to ensure the dog is at all times subject to the breeder.

Various tips for kennel

At the beginning of the exercises and before the dog has mastered the exercises, care must be taken not to contradict the rules. If a rule is set for the dog, he must adhere to it at all times and do not ignore the matter if the dog violates one of the times. It is not advised to offer a lot of compassion to fierce dogs and to provide rewards and food to dogs without reason, so it is advised to reward him when achieving exercises and exercises in an elaborate manner and good behavior, as this pushes the dog to do good every time to greed for the reward. Some experts also recommend that attention be paid to doing exercises for regular periods, and doing exercises that help the dog to get rid of the pent-up energy inside it so that it does not become aggressive. Make him use his mind.

The language of dialogue between a person and a dog must be created to create a way of understanding between the individual and his dog, and this language is the one that determines the time of attack or submission, so all the trainer must teach the dog the meaning of the word (attack). The dog is ready for this after reaching 4 months, especially when seeing any small animal, to be this reaction every time. When the matter is repeated more than once, the dog's natural reaction becomes an attack if he sees the object that provokes him, or even when he hears the word (attack). And his ferocity may reach the tenth month if he trained a lot in this matter to the point of killing, but the trainer must be careful when the dog reaches this degree of ferocity, as he must remain obedient to the trainer's orders, and not get out of control.

Uses ferocious dogs

Fierce police dogs are used to assist the police in their work on several missions in the search of bags, locations of explosions and crimes. They are also used to defend a specific character. Dogs possess 220 active sensory cells to do their work quickly, effectively and precisely. The German Shepherd family is considered one of the species that is used in the police to fulfill its owner and its intelligence in carrying out the required tasks quickly and effectively. The German Shepherd is a medium-sized dog used to track down criminals and detect drugs because of its strong sense of smell, and it is easy to train for human obedience. The German Shepherd is considered one of the best detective types ever.

The most dangerous and fiercest types of dogs

A dog of Shepherd, Ruddevler, and Rudwiller is considered a ferocious dog; two of these dogs are sufficient to eliminate a tiger. The pitbull, which is a small dog, is considered a ferocious and very harmful dog and has strong muscles, and the pitbull is classified in many categories as the most violent of all. There is the Root Filer type that is used to guard the very important figures of politicians and artists, but if it is not trained well it could become very dangerous. The type of Siberian Husky common in Russia that looks like a wolf in shape has a very strong bite that may be fatal, but they are very loyal animals that live among family members without harming them. There are also many types of dogs known to be fiercely ferocious, such as the Alaskan frog, the Doberman, the Chow Chow, the Great Dan, Saint Bernard, and the Dalmatian.

Beware of approaching these fiercer dogs

Beware of approaching these fiercer dogs

What are the fiercest dogs?

Almost all dogs may cause harm and danger to human life, especially if you do not receive the adequate and necessary training, but certain breeds are more likely to show serious and fierce reactions and you must know the types of these dogs.

Among the classifications are the German Shepherd dog or "German Shepherd" of the dangerous and fierce dog breeds in the late sixties, then the dog "Doberman" was classified as a dangerous dog since the seventies, and in the early eighties the dog was classified as a "pitbull" as a dangerous dog.

So it will show you the fiercest breeds of dogs in the world, beginning with the least to the fiercest:

1- Pitbull:

The pitbull and muscular pitbull is well deservedly the most dangerous dog species in the world according to the global organization CDC to care for dogs against diseases, easy to stimulate and anger and does not retreat during the attack except when finished! It is known that his bite is never easily released as if he was born to fight only.

2- Rottweiler:

It ranks second in terms of ferocity and is classified as one of the most dangerous guard dogs, fast-anger and never suitable for families. Its owner must be cautious and vigilant to avoid reckless reactions.

3- German Shepherd:

This type of dog is characterized by tenderness and loyalty to its owner, and it also has a high concentration ability so it is frequently used by police officers, but if not dealt with accurately it may cause fatal damage due to the speed of its reaction.

4- Doberman:

These dogs are very smart and powerful and are very sensitive to sound. They react quickly on their own, if they feel any danger, they are naturally aggressive towards strangers, and their size also plays a role in making them more dangerous.

5- Urine Mastiff:

These guard dogs are known for their natural temperament and aggression, which can quickly turn into a killer animal! So to acquire them you have to make them obedient to avoid unpleasant confrontations.

6- The Siberian Husky:

Just like a wireless king, these dogs are born to work, which is why they are less "social" than others but with the correct approach and adequate training, you can make them more friendly and calm! Poor socialization and training will turn her into the most aggressive dog.

The best and most expensive types of dogs

The best and most expensive types of dogs

The best expensive types of dogs

Some people love pets, and dogs are among the most loved animals because they are a source of loyalty and loyalty. Therefore, there are many types of dogs in the world and their prices varied according to their breed. Some of them are expensive and others are low. According to the site "Thedogdigest", we offer the most expensive types of dogs in the world.

1- The Pharaonic Hound

A dog raised by a Pharaonic Egyptian, the Pharaoh Hound is characterized by its medium size and flexible body, in addition to its extreme intelligence, fun spirit and love for playing with children, and its price ranges between 2000 to 6000 dollars.

2- The English Bulldog

Its habitat is America, and it is considered a fierce dog and was used in old cattle hunting. This dog eats food in large quantities and is very lazy who loves to sleep for long periods.

3- Chow Chow

Its habitat is Chinese territory, a medium-sized dog with a round head with thick hair, and this breed primarily occupies hunting birds, and is now used in the guarding process and is priced at approximately $ 8,000.

4- King Charles Cavalier

This dog has a medium-sized body and long and soft hair, and is one of the most preferred types of dogs for many families, due to its delicate nature and quiet features, and the price of this dog ranges from 1000 to 13000 dollars.

5- German Shepherd

6- Samoan

This dog has a wide mouth, long and coarse hair, and is characterized by high physical strength, and the price can reach 21,000 dollars.

7-Root Filer

Among the most important types of police dogs originated in the country of the Romans, it is distinguished by its huge size and strong legs that help it to move very quickly, and is characterized by the great devotion to its owner and the price is about 10,000 dollars.

8- Akita dog

The most famous Japanese dog breeds, and the best types of dogs to guard and attack anyone approaching it, as it is used as a police dog in addition to being used in hunting animals, and the price ranges between 1500 to 4000 dollars.

9 - Irish wolfhound

He grew up in the state of Ireland in hunting wolves, a dog-friendly to humans and enjoys a lot when playing with children, and gray is considered one of the fixed colors of most of this breed and its price ranges between 1000 to 2000 dollars.

10 - Root Valer dog

Growing up in the state of Germany, where armies used to protect the residence of soldiers, these dogs are characterized by courage, strength, intelligence, and love for their owner, which is of medium size, it has a weight of 50 kilograms, and the price ranges between 2000 to 4000 dollars.

The most dangerous types of dogs

The importance of dog training

Almost all dogs may cause harm and danger to human life, especially if you do not receive the adequate and necessary training, but certain breeds are more likely to show serious and fierce reactions and you should know the types of these dogs:

1. Doberman Pinschers

This dog is very strong and smart, it makes the perfect guard dog, it is perfect for a family protection dog and even used in police to track down criminals, however, if it is not raised and tamed in the right way it might suddenly attack an innocent person. Doberman Pinschers are completely capable of killing a human.

2. Strong people

Dogs are very popular because of their eyes, but they are not only the eyes that make them distinct, they are very good at attracting things for a long time, the brown people are used to pull sleds in most of the polar regions in the world without getting tired, the brown people are usually safe if they are tamed Alone, but even when they are completely tamed, they should never get close to their herd as there have been several cases reported as they randomly attacked and killed their owner.

3. Polmastive

You must keep your children away from this dog, in 2014, Bullmastiff jumped over a fence and attacked two teenagers playing in the neighbor's garden, he killed one of the boys and then went to attack its owner.

Bulma Steve is originally a guard dog and is characterized by its huge size and is the breed of dogs that should definitely be treated with respect.

4. The wolf dog

This dog is a hybrid between a German Shepherd and a mountain wolf This mixture makes this type of dog extremely dangerous, can act as perfectly protective dogs, and is banned in countries like Norway.

5. Mediaset Sola Shepherd

A complete mixture of unknown breeds, with only one goal being to create the most dangerous dog breeds ever. This dog would be the ultimate guard dog if not due to its moderation and aggressive behavior, and this breed is banned in many countries.

6. Villa Brasileiro

If you do not like aggressive dogs, do not get one of them, this Brazilian origin dog was used to hunt wild boars and has aggressive and uncontrollable behavior, many deaths have been reported.

7. Rottweiler

If there is one dangerous breed of dog responsible for many deaths it is this breed, reports have been prepared claiming that this dog alone is responsible for nearly half of all dog deaths in the United States of America, a strong bite along with an amazing jump makes them Able to bite humans, be careful with this dog.

8. Peru de Brisa Canario

Made in the Canary Islands, and this was done by mixing several different breeds together to get the perfect fighting dog, there is no clear evidence that this is true, but considering the ability of dogs and the culture of fighting large dogs on the island, this is probably true.

9. Pitbull

This breed is banned from multiple countries and has a reputation for being a dangerous dog. They have a very aggressive behavior and if they weren't in training from the moment they were born, this is the killing machine.

Her fighting ability was used in illegal activity such as dog fighting, as owners were betting on their dogs and often allowed them to fight to the death.

10. Caucasian Shepherd

This dog originally came from Russia and has been used in the mountains for centuries to protect farm animals, but will you be able to protect farms from predators like wolves? The answer is: yes Caucasian herding can weigh more than 100 kg (220 lbs) and this is the weight in the muscles It is also very good in combat and no wonder this breed is very dangerous