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What are the types of police dogs and the most important

What are the types of police dogs and the most important
What are the types of police dogs and the most important

Police dogs

Police dogs come in different shapes and sizes, but not all their breeds are suitable for police work, and the majority of police dogs working internationally in this sector are German Shepherds and Labradors, in addition to using other types at times depending on the special tasks required for them.
The main characteristics of police dogs revolve around intelligence, strength, sense of smell and aggressiveness, most of which are male, and are usually left untended to maintain their natural aggressiveness, which must be kept under control through strict training.

Police dogs are often called K-9s and are specially trained to help the police and other law enforcement services in the performance of their duty, and to protect their trainers. It is able to pursue and apprehend criminals fleeing justice, and to sniff and reveal various materials, and in this case is classified as a category of discovery dogs.
Police dogs are essential tools and sworn police officers in the eyes of the law, and they must pass harsh tests and training to enter this field, and any harmful behavior against them is considered as directed against any human police component. 3

Top 6 types of police dogs

There are more than 100 species or breeds of dogs or more in the world, but only a few are born to work in the police force, as these distinctive animals can perform great works that even a talented person cannot do.

1- German Shepherd

The German Shepherd or Shepherd dog comes first among police dogs, as it is the master in the strength of the character. Dogs also have their personality and are able to interact with people as friends and families do with each other, but with a single difference is their inability to speak. Shepherd is distinguished by intelligence and discipline, and by his amazing craftsmanship in attack.

Police shepherds are trained in search and rescue tasks in most rural areas. He performs his duty as he was trained and has proven that he does not stop under any circumstance before he completes what he has been trained and used to perform.

These dogs can adhere to instructions better than some people. It is also multi-skilled and can be subject to any training in the K9 units as it was born to be within the police forces, and when apprehending armed criminals, it tends to perform its utmost work in all honesty even if it ends up losing her life in fulfillment of duty. Therefore, when you need a guard dog to serve alongside you as a partner when performing the duty, you have to think about the shepherd as it will protect your back and will not leave you to the enemy as some people do under sometimes compelling circumstances.

2- Rottweiler

Rottweiler is known to be the most predatory, and most aggressive in his actions, and although his size is not the largest among dogs but the most courageous and his bite is enough to remove a finger from his place, so the person who wants to mess with him must think a lot before trying to escape from him or provoke him with sarcastic movements or Lack of respect of any kind. Therefore, it is considered among the best breeds of police dogs, and in its size condition it is not important.

3-Belgian Tervueren

Hairy dogs look like wolves with their appearance, as they raise fear in the heart of everyone they see, although they are not as dangerous as they appear, but their appearance alone is enough to influence the mind of anyone who wants to seize an opportunity that is indifferent and dangerous against the law. The Belgian terverine releases the characteristics of a wolf inside it when it is in a state of defense for its human companions. Like other police dogs, it works in the detection of drugs and explosives, and perhaps other things, such as guarding, spotting, and hunting, and all-in-one facilities.

4-Doberman Pinscher

Doberman is one of the newcomers on the scene regardless of other breeds. It is true that it is not large, but it is not the smallest, it can be said that it is medium in size, and being one of the most common species in the United States alone was widely considered police dog units in the police force.

The Dubi, as some call it, is characterized by a slim and elegant physical structure, which makes it lighter and therefore faster to run, adding a new feature that made it among the best police dogs on the planet. His ability to run at a maximum speed makes the police confident of apprehending the criminal once the Doberman is behind him, as he will not abandon the mission until his jaws are applied to the prison.

5-Giant Shnautzer

The big dog always wins. He terrifies any other smaller dog over the sight and will terrify criminals as well. Schnauzers have long hair that can be hung from as well as human. He looks like an old military man.

The adjective "giant" as the name indicates is not in vain, because its large size and long body gives it a great temptation that imposes respect and responsibility towards it, and because of its huge appearance this will require writing a "story" about the things that the police forces can raise and train for it.

6-Dutch German Shepherd

This can be considered the name of the type of German Shepherd dynasty, everyone knows that the Dutch are famous for their elegant nature. The Dutch Shepherd dogs are also famous for themselves, and as a Dutch breed, there is not much to say but it is one of the best breed of police dogs.

Police have been training the Dutch shepherd for several reasons over the years. He is the most preferred of the Dutch police, who consider him a source of strength, and must establish a traditional home for him among its forces. It is one of the best police types for several reasons, including the length of its life between 13-15 years in the event of caring for its food and maintaining regular medical examinations.

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