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The most important types of dogs that are suitable for guarding

The most important types of dogs that are suitable for guarding
The most important types of dogs that are suitable for guarding

Guard dogs

Dogs are considered one of the most loved animals by humans since ancient times, as was the companion of the trail in traveling and wandering between one place and another, and the nature of dogs, their loyalty, loyalty, and defense of man against any threat to him; Characteristics that distinguish it from other dogs, represented in its large size, strength, and loud barking sound, as well as easy to teach and train, and there are several types of guard dogs, which we will learn about the most prominent in the lines of this article.

Types of guard dogs

1- Rottweiler:

They are guard dogs of large size, characterized by constant alertness and acumen, as they are always ready to face any danger, and they do not bark unless they are attacked or see a real danger heading towards the properties they must guard, just as the Rottweiler dogs are characterized by the speed of learning, because they are the smartest types Dogs in the world.

2- Doberman:

 Doberman is one of the most aggressive dogs in the world, a kind characterized by his intelligence, strength, athletic body, tenderness, and loyalty to his owner, but he is nonetheless one of the most dangerous dogs to those around them, because of its very violent temper, otherwise it is obedient, and easy to learn, to Besides, she is not afraid of others if she does not feel threatened.

3- The Commander:

Commander is a guard dog of large size, strong, and courageous, as well as emotional and sincere types, in addition to being conservative dogs about strangers, and its native origin from Hungary, and its ability to guard can be improved with training and continuing education.
4- Maleno:
She is one of the highly intelligent dogs, which has continuous activity and vitality, and the ability to learn quickly, and can run very quickly, but in return she constantly needs training to master the guard duties as it should.

5- Akita:

 Akita is one of the best guard dogs in the world, and is distinguished for its loyalty and loyalty, in addition to its strength, courage and constant alert, and its extreme caution from strangers, and it monitors the family and the people close to it constantly to protect them, and it does not need much training; as it accomplishes its tasks properly with training, and it is advised to train them Obedience and proper social interaction, and this prevents its agitation and aggression.

6- German Shepherd Dog:

He is one of the best guard dogs, because he is gentle and able to play with children, but this does not mean that you cannot be fierce and aggressive dogs sometimes, as it is distinguished by its large size, its weight ranges between 22-40 kg, and its length ranges between 55-65 cm, in addition to He has jaws with strong teeth, and when his anger is raised he becomes a danger to others, and he is distinguished by his courage, strength and loyalty, and this type can be at risk of separation when he is left alone.

How to train guard dogs

1- Sit on the bench

Guard dogs must be trained to sit on the couch and sit firmly, without having to tie it to a chain, as all its weight is on the seat, its body and head are perpendicular to the ground, and its face is facing forward, its eyes looking forward and upward with fixed gazes, and the dog must be fixed to the same condition until Its owner calls him.

2- Walking in the streets

To train a guard dog to walk with its owner on the streets, he must be completely next to him, not to stay away from him for any reason, to avoid any accidents while walking with his master on the roads.

3- Sleep firmly on the floor

Sleeping on the floor steadily is a training lesson to teach the dog to sleep on the floor in a specific position: to have its head on the top, and the front legs extended forward, while keeping the back legs completely relaxed forward, and it is necessary for the dog to rest on his butt and touch his stomach to the ground when the owner calls him .

4- Respond to the call immediately

Training on the dog's response to the call immediately from important obedience training; this will train him to stay away from everything that could distract him, such as; food and go to his owner, and when he reaches his owner, he stands steadfastly against him on a specific situation, in the event that the dog succeeds in doing so, it deserves to be praised by its owner He describes him as an excellent guard dog.

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