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The most powerful types of dogs on the globe

The most powerful types of dogs on the globe

The most powerful dogs in the world

Perhaps since the dawn of human civilization on the face of the earth, which appeared about 300 thousand years ago, there was no living creature that was closely related to humans like dogs, which have a long history with us dating back to about 140 thousand years, where the processes of domestication and taming The first, and since then these animals, which are among the most loyal of all living creatures, have not separated.

And because her life is steeped in history, dogs have been able to develop the means of survival, and their breeds varied widely, and man was able to benefit from this diversity according to his many characteristics, and among these attributes, strength, this pet creature and our friend who is sometimes a family member, has the power Too big, we might never even imagine, and so we're going to show you the most powerful dogs in the world, according to a ranking that has been developed by the American Kennel.

The Mastiff Tibetan Dog

The "Tibetan mastiff" dog is not considered an ordinary dog ​​at all, as this type called "the lion of dogs", due to its thick fur and large head, belongs to an ancient breed that belongs to the "Tibetan Plateau", and lives in both Tibet, China, Nepal And India, and enjoys a very large size exceeding the size of an adult man, as it has large and very strong fangs, which is in addition to being the most powerful breed of dogs that still live among us, it is also, from the fiercest, along with it is one of the most expensive types of dogs, where it may reach The price of each of them is approximately $ 2 million US dollars, and historically, Julius Caesar mentioned the dog of the "Mastiff" T »in his writings during the British invasion in 55 BC.

Root Wheeler

Since man started breeding and domesticating the "Rottweiler" dog, which has its origin in Germany and is abundant in North American countries, it has become accustomed to long-term hard work accompanied by human beings, such as pulling carts and guarding works, and sometimes it was used for hunting, and it is famous for With his great courage and intense intelligence in dealing quickly with any threat around him, and because it is considered very loyal to its owner, along with its ferocity and bite strength that reaches approximately 261.48 km per square inch, police often use it in several regions of the world.

The "Maleno" dog

The "Maleno" dog, which although it traces its origins to the French city of "Malin", many dog ​​experts see that it is a kind of the famous "Belgian Shepherd" dog and not a different species, but if it is from here or there, this is It will not change anything in being one of the most favorite dog factions of the police in the world, because it has a very strong sense of smell, you can detect the presence of any drugs or explosives in the place, in addition to that they are highly intelligent dogs and easy to train, so they were approved To guard the "White House" the residence of the American President, more than that, the strength of her bite is approximately 134.47 kg of pressure per square inch.

The Pitbull Dog

The Pitbull dog may not be the most powerful dog in the world, but it is without any doubt the most fierce and dangerous at all, to the degree that made its owners in the past to dispense with its services in guarding and grazing, and use it for combat purposes, so that he was the favorite dog in clubs Dog-fighting competitions, which are very striking, were their first appearance following the crossbreeding of the fighting dog group known as "Molousus", from which the hunting dogs known as "bulls" branched out, which in turn were cross-breeded with another type of dog, Terrier dogs.
It is also interesting about the "Pitbull", that despite his extreme and unprecedented loyalty to his owner, but if he receives bad treatment like beating or screaming from his owner, he will not hesitate to pounce on him and attack him, and more than that, if he applies his jaws to the prey, he will never open them unless If he tore it completely.


It is called the old man due to its strange shape, flat nose and wrinkled face, but it is certainly one of the strongest dogs in the world, and its platoon is divided into several types, all of which have physical strength and large muscle mass, and they include both the American Bulldog, the Old English, the Australian, and the French. In the past, it was used to drive large flocks of flocks, and although it is considered a quiet dog, easy to handle and obedience to its coach or owner, and is suitable as a family family dog ​​that loves to play with children, it is also famous for its fierce ferocity, to the extent that it was used in fighting dogs.

The Siberian Husky dog

It is like a wolf, and it is a very favorite dog for everyone, because of the beauty of its body, and its great farewell to deal with the family and children in particular, but at the same time do not underestimate this dog, which is one of the strongest mountain dogs if it is not the strongest, it is known for its physical strength and its ability to bear and withstand the harshest conditions The cold and snowy weather, where the origin of this family called "Sibirskaya leica" is due to eastern Siberia in Russia, and is a descendent of the family of the "Spitz dogs", and was used by the Bedouin "Chukchi" tribes, to transport goods and people by pulling skis.

The German Shepherd Dog

He is the dog most prevalent in various countries of the world, despite his German origins, and that he is known to be highly alert, sharp, and largely loyal, in addition to his extraordinary sense of smell, and his solid muscular structure, all of which makes him the favorite of security men in the face Specifically, this species, like the Pitbull family, was the result of crossbreeding of many types of German dogs.

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