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The most important ways to train a dog

The most important ways to train a dog
The most important ways to train a dog

Dog Training Methods

 The dog can be trained to do some things, including

1- Seating:

Training on sitting is one of the easiest orders that can be taught to dogs, and that is by bringing the distance to the dog, and then raising the hand up, and saying to him (Sit) in conjunction with lowering the hand down, and be sure to repeat this several times every day until the dog mastered the process Sitting, and to ensure that this is learned, he is required to sit before eating, or when leaving home for a walk.

2- Coming to a place:

Learning this helps keep the dog away from problems and troubles that may happen with him, and teaching him to return to his owner in the event that the front door is left open inadvertently, and that is through

A - Place a collar around the dog's neck.
B- Move to its level, and say (come) as the rope gently pulls its direction.
C- Reward the dog and encourage him if the order is executed.

3- Stay:

The dog can be trained to stay in place by:

A-asking him to sit down first. He opened the palm of the hand in front of him and ordered to stay.
B- Go back a few steps, and then reward him for his commitment to the matter.
C- It is indicated that this matter requires patience, so the dog owner should not be disappointed.

Tools that are used when training dogs: 

The tools that are used when training dogs include:

A-collar dogs:

Be careful to choose a comfortable collar, do not press the neck.

B-dog strap:

A strap should be chosen between 1.2-1.8 meters.

C-Game Dog.

D-dog food.

The best ways to feed dogs

The best way to feed a dog is to determine the meals provided to the dog, whether in the amount of food, or at the specific time that he needs to eat, so it is better to eat at home, because setting a food schedule limits the excess amount that can be eaten, so It is possible to fill the bowl with food, serve it to the dog, and then take it after a period of 10-20 minutes, or by putting the amount the dog actually needs and leaving the bowl in front of him until he finishes his dish.

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