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Husky dog ​​basic qualities

Husky dog ​​basic qualities
Husky dog ​​basic qualities

Husky Dog

The "Husky" dog and his native Siberia, which is located in the Russian Federation, a town characterized by snow and very cold weather.
"Husky" dogs withstand low temperatures because of its beautiful, dense, soft pomelo, which is closer in resemblance to the malamute dog, the two are closer to the wolf, and this species of dog is considered human-loving and characterized by its affection, but the time of anger is severe and is rarely used for guarding purposes.

Privileges of “Husky” dogs

With its excessive activity and love of running, this dog pulls sleds in snowy countries, and the "Husky" dog is a relative pet dog, and it is an excellent and beautiful family dog ​​that is acquired by young and young girls to form the gentle beautiful, and it spreads in Europe and Canada in particular in a fast way.

Is a Husky dog ​​fit for an escort? ”The answer is no, or it can be done according to training, but the nature of the dog is not guarding.

The "Husky" is a medium-sized dog. The weight of the male ranges from (20 to 28 kg), while the female is (15 to 26 kg), the average length is from (53 to 60 cm), and the female is approximately the same length or slightly shorter, and the eye color is in Mostly blue, the "ski" is also distinguished by its very thick hair and its soft fur, which has multiple colors: "black, white, gray, light brown".

Common disadvantages of this type of dog include:

There are some undesirable behaviors issued by the "Haskie", perhaps the most prominent of which is that it always howls and needs an air-conditioned place, because the atmosphere of the original habitat is full of snow, and it needs extreme care and it is not recommended to feed it except the dry food, and when not taken care of it becomes a slim form.

Health problems that the "Husky" may suffer:

"Husky" dogs are usually healthy dogs, but there are some diseases associated with the bones, thyroid diseases, and eye problems. Among the diseases that can be affected are: "the opacity of the lens of the eye, corneal atrophy, retinal atrophy."

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