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How to train dogs Albitbool

How to train dogs Albitbool

The pit bull breed

Pitbulls are a hybrid breed, due to cross-breeding bulldog dogs with terrier dogs, to increase the ability of Pitbull dogs to fight other dogs and hunt their prey easily, and Pitbull dogs are among the fiercest dogs where they come first in the world, and second place Rottweiler dogs And after him comes in the third-place German Shepherd dogs, and to fight these dogs and fill their body with muscles, you need to practice walking every day for at least half an hour, and pitbull dogs are not suitable because they are raised in homes as a pet, and they must be removed from children unless they are trained properly and accurately, It will clarify the pain He said how to train pitbull dogs.

How to train pitbull dogs

Pitbull dogs have gained a bad reputation due to the spread of many myths about home acquisition and training, but Pitbull dogs can form a loyal companion to their owner, and like any type of dog, Pitbull dogs need to be trained well to maintain their health, and how the Pitbull dogs are trained depends on several methods. Of which:

1- Caring for pitbull dogs

One of the most important steps for how to train pitbull dogs is to give them many exercises; because pitbull dogs become aggressive and more fierce if they have a lot of energy and did not empty them, and one of the exercises that the dog can empty his energy through is walking, so its owner must walk his dog for two hours One of the manifestations of caring for pitbull dogs is to provide a special space for him to sleep and eat his food in comfort and privacy.

2- Refining the pit bulldogs

The method of refining pit bulldogs is one of the longest steps in learning how to train pitbull dogs. It is preferable to teach pit bull dogs from childhood without paying attention to the result, and a positive reinforcement method should be used when training pitbull dogs. For example, if he is told nice words, the owner of the pit bull dogs needs to be firm to be able to tame them and not become fierce and out of control. Aggression increases Of a dog Albitbool.

3- Socializing pitbull dogs

To make Pitbulls less fierce and more friendly, they must be mixed and defined on new dogs and people, and any type of dog prefers to start contact with them from a young age, to obtain clear results, and when describing how to train the pitbull dogs, dogs stress that dogs must be involved and taken out on a group outing It makes them less tolerant and friendly to people especially children when the owner wants to raise a pet, and the dog should participate in several activities and sports to empty his energy and to increase the dog's self-confidence.

The characteristics of the pit bulldogs

The size of the pit bull dogs is relatively average, and the height does not vary according to gender. The height of the male pitbull dog is 46-49 cm, while the female pitbull needs 43-46 cm. Pitbull dogs are breeds that are characterized by great courage, loyalty, and strength, but their loyalty is not absolute; Treated and trained accurately and well, until that Its kindness makes it more difficult to deal with it firmly during training [2].

The danger of pitbull dogs

The pit bull dogs - as mentioned earlier - are among the fiercest breeds of dogs, because when they pounce on their prey, they grab hold of them firmly and insert their teeth into prey body tissues, and do not leave them easily, knowing that the pitbull dogs are characterized by sophisticated facial muscles and very strong jaws, and the strength of their jaw is shown through Its ability to shatter prey bones, and because of these qualities, the pitbull dogs are known for their bad reputation in general, due to their owners who have invested themselves in their dogs by what is called a dog fight, where dog fights consist of bloody fights in which the owner of the winning dog earns some cash, and the brutality of this fighting Some laws were prohibited to prohibit the establishment of it E fights and participation in them. Such fights increase the ferocity of these dogs and do not help to learn how to train pitbull dogs, [1] In addition to the above, the number of pit bull attacks represents a large percentage of the total number of dog attacks on humans, for example in 2014 a dog attacked The Pitbull, which is called Mickey, by attacking the four-year-old while he was playing in front of his home in Phoenix, Arizona, where the child was subjected to a fierce attack, [3] and dog bites lead to inflammation and severe pain, and the life of the person may be at risk of death in the event of rabies 
If he does not get the necessary medical treatment

Benefits of pitbull dogs

Pitbulls are smart and strong dogs, and they are characterized by their high endurance. They are known as dogs that play important roles in human life. They were used by the police as police dogs because of their olfactory strength and muscle strength, and they were also used as rescue dogs for the severity of their intelligence. Willa "saved 32 people and 29 dogs during a major flood in the Southern California area in 1993, and this indicates the success of how to train pitbull dogs, and despite media misinformation that spreads false beliefs about Pitbulls as fierce dogs and only suitable as breeding dogs as fighting dogs It can not be used, The dogs that Albitbool participated in numerous film and television productions, for example, from the television series Little Rascalz There is the role of the "house" puppy dog ​​who played his role Bitbool [1].

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