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How to train small dogs

How to train small dogs
How to train small dogs

Dog breed

Dogs are one of the pets that can be raised in homes. The dog family is called the Canida family, which includes dogs, wolves, and foxes. Dogs are among the mammals and they are the first mammals that have been tamed by humans from wolves. Despite their different shapes, sizes, and colors, they have played many roles such as hunting, grazing, carrying weightlifting, protection, helping police and assisting disabled people, and a person can raise a dog from childhood and rely on it through learning and following the steps of how to Certainly small dogs that will show through the following paragraphs.

How to train small dogs

Small dogs are new dogs, they do not have the knowledge of determining the appropriate place to spend their needs at home, so their owner must train and take care of them because the owner's care and interest in the puppy is an essential part of how to train small dogs, and it can take months to teach and train the puppy and that Through diversity in the use of strict and gentle methods in puppy training, and by teaching and training the puppy its owner benefits that he will have a mature dog in the future.

How to train a home groomer

The presence of a small dog in the house is a very beautiful and cute thing, but its owner must teach her and give her some laws and home instructions to be a nice and welcome dog to contain at home, and this depends on its owner and his teaching methods in terms of a variety of strict and nice methods; when doing the right thing he must Reward, thank, and praise him because dogs love to be spoken to in the language of children, and when they do wrong they must be punished to know that it is wrong and should not be repeated but avoids the punishment by hitting the puppy, and the following steps explain how to train small dogs to sit at home.

Create a special puppy routine

One of the most important steps to learn how to train small dogs is to apply a routine to a small dog when bringing it to the home, for example, the puppy must know the time and place where he should go to spend his need, the owner must teach her and accustom her to the times that she must go to spend her need, for example when Waking up, after each meal, when playing is finished, and when sleeping, it is important for the puppy to feel that the owner is in need and that he is welcome to come home, and a daily schedule can be made to go out and take a picnic.
Establish a meal schedule
 Initially, it must be known that dogs have special food and should not be fed anything that is in the house, and therefore its owner must specify the food times for the puppy to set times for him to spend his need, which is often after eating meals allocated to him during the day, so that the owner can control the puppy by not Eliminate his need anywhere, especially during the training period. Also, the food bowl assigned to him should not remain permanently full until the puppy knows that it is the owner who is providing the food and that he is responsible for him and that he is the leader.

Attract the puppy

By applause, applause for dogs is one of the most well-known movements of dog breeders. Some people may use it to grab and bring the puppy's attention to give him something to do, and some of them use it to alert the puppy that what he is doing is wrong. He has the right to stop and follow the owner of the place designated for his needs, and upon the completion of his need, he can be rewarded to make him feel that what he has done is correct.

Locate a puppy

Indoors One of the most important steps in how to train small dogs is also determining a place for the puppy inside the house, as the place assigned to them is determined in the first months of the beginning of the training, which makes training easier and less tiring, when teaching small dogs on this matter at home it is easy to train them on Eliminate her need in the appropriate place; thus, she can be transported more quickly outside the home when ensuring that she goes to the place designated to eliminate the need, as the puppy can know the places assigned to him, no matter how large space is given to her.

Teach the puppy to respond to commands

 For the puppy to start hearing the words, he must first be identified by his name, and that is that the owner calls on his name clearly and repeatedly so that the puppy learns his name completely, and so that the owner can issue orders to him, and after learning the puppy his name begins by teaching him the main words as the word sit The puppy must sit and listen to its owner, and then teach it on the word stop, the word stop is a very important and important word when learning how to train small dogs because when the puppy does a wrong thing, he must be taught a word that prevents him from continuing his work while he is stopping; and also among the words that he must learn The puppy at first is all When it comes, it is for the puppy to order his puppy to come to him and listen to his orders.

Steps to make your pet dog light and graceful

Movement is a good thing to learn while learning how to train small dogs, it is learning how to play with the puppy, through games that can be made manually by the puppy's owner or can be bought, and among the games that the puppy can play is to bring a small ball to the puppy and throw it away and instruct him to go To catch it and bring it, but when the puppy feels bored, he must stop and start other activities, and the benefits of these games are building self-confidence in the puppy and teaching him to control himself and determine what he needs.

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