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Benefits of donating blood

Benefits of donating blood
Benefits of donating blood

donating blood

Unfortunately, some hospitals give blood for money, as most of us hear, but of course, the audacity to do such a thing is difficult, as the penalty for doing so is imprisonment.
The downside is that financial returns in this sector around the world amount to 4-5 billion dollars, according to Mynet.
People should not give up donating blood, because sometimes things like this happen, for example, in the United States of America, there is one person who needs blood every two seconds, an incredible number!
50 cl of blood, with a small glass, can save 3 lives, but things don't always end with that much blood, so James Harrison was able to survive thanks to 13 liters of blood, after the accident he was at at the age of 13, and he is now Donate blood regularly.
One of the main reasons behind his blood donation is the presence of a special antigen (a substance that stimulates the immune response that may be a bacterium or a virus that has entered the body; the body begins to “generate” particles and special substances against it to kill it).
He found that he donated blood to more than 1,000 people, and saved the lives of thousands of people.
Despite the importance of the issue to this degree, the number of blood donors is very small, but the number is increasing day by day.
Although about 60% of the American people, for example, are eligible to donate blood, only 5% donate regularly.
Coconut water can be used instead of blood plasma because it contains the blood ions that are in our blood, but it is impossible to produce blood in its true sense with current technology.

The number of blood donors drops more often during the summer and winter holidays, and the blood group o is often needed.
And of course, no one can donate blood. Donors must be over 17 years old, and their weights start from 50 kilograms or more, and they have a healthy physical structure, which is a must.
Each person has an average of 5-6 liters of blood in their body, and less than half a liter of blood is taken from an individual, during the blood donation process.
And if we come to the cost of that, the blood donation process is very stressful for the centers that operate in this process, and the reason for this is the tests that are done for blood donors (immunodeficiency analyzes, hepatitis, etc.).

How to donate regularly

If you want to donate blood regularly, the point is not to donate blood every week, you must take a 56-day rest period between the two blood donations.
Let's do it this way. If a seventeen-year-old starts to donate blood regularly, he can donate, on average, about 50 gallons throughout his life.
This means that he can save the lives of at least 1,000 people.
The blood group o is a general factor, that is, it can give blood to other groups in urgent cases. If the patient's condition is critical, and his blood group is not clear, then the blood group o is given in emergency rooms, in addition to that newborns need blood constantly In these cases, the o blood group is often used.

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